Why New Model?
As we’ve run Dowel Jones successfully now for 5 years, we were interested if we could launch a company that utilised remnant, surplus and waste materials as the primary focus. As apart of this, we plan for New Model pieces to be carbon neutral - as the climate is changing, so are we.

Why is your first release a collection of bags?
As we were developing the New Model concept, we stumbled upon a large resource of some of the world’s leading upholstery fabrics that otherwise would not have been used. As the fabric pieces were too small to upholster furniture, we decided to develop a series of accessories that made use of the material. The bags have been designed to be zero-waste, creating no new waste in the production process.

What fabrics are available?
As the fabrics are recovered it is dependent on what is available. We’ve chosen to work with Kvadrat Maharam fabrics for 9 Hour Factory as they’re a leading upholstery textile company with sustainability and ethical certifications. New fabrics can range in price from $110-$330 per metre, so your bag may be worth a lot more in its material then what you pay for the bag.

How do identify on the bags what isn’t made from remnant, surplus or waste material?
To be incredibly transparent, we decided to make any material or resources on a New Model piece that is a new material bright green. That way it’s incredibly visible what the pieces are made from.